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To fall in love with a solid conditioner

by Sara Di Benedetto |

Beside being the first solid conditioner ever developed and produced in Italy by an Italian company, Coccoon solid conditioner is the universal ritual to untangle and soften all types of hair (babies’ too) for home and travel. Its essential formula, rich in pure coconut oil, lends this pocket bar unimaginable detangling and softening properties and surprising lightness and durability. The only secret to fall in love with it is to experiment with patience and then develop your own method of application that must be based on a thrifty use of the product. It is recommended to massage the solid bar 1-2 times directly on wet hair, from roots to ends, after shampooing with Coccoon solid soap. At first the product is invisible, it seems you didn't apply anything. After an energetic massage with your hands on hair and scalp, ideal for stimulating local microcirculation, you can leave it in for a few minutes before combing. At this point the product becomes visible by releasing a soft cream that forms when the conditioner comes into contact with water for action of the emulsifying, cleansing and surfactant components present in the special formulation. After abundant rinsing, the hair is untangled, soft, nourished and shiny. Healthier and stronger.

Here is a mini tutorial to learn how to apply Coccoon solid conditioner.

For a restructuring treatment, we recommend using the Coccoon botanical mask

If you are used to apply styling lotions to discipline your hair (wet or dried), you may not need them anymore. It is suggested to try to believe. Coccoon solid conditioner pleasantly surprises all the people who are looking for a natural, ecological, delicate and genuine hair care routine.

What more could you expect from this solid bar? It can be used as a body conditioner after bathing or showering. A small quantity applied directly on skin is enough to obtain a softness that only a child's skin naturally shows. Even as a body conditioner, the product must be rinsed.

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