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    Coccoon coconut oil restores hair damaged by dyes, chlorine and other aggressive agents (such as sun, sea salt), and softens frizzy and rebel hair. It can be applied as a restoring mask all along the hair length or where more dry, after dampening. Once covered the head with a lukewarm towel, the treatment can be kept for even one hour before rinsing with Coccoon solid soap.

    As a dandruff lotion, when applied on the scalp in small drops, it reduces peeling, with moisturizing and soothing effects.

    Applied in small quantities on dry frizzy hair, it can substitute for a shine sprayer and styling lotion.
    Coccoon solid soap is an unprecedented precious and delicate solid shampoo , ideal for all kinds of hair. Read more here about how to enjoy Coccoon to wash your hair.
    Coccoon solid conditioner is the first solid hair conditioning treatment ever developed in Italy. Light, with a strong unraveling and softening power, it is perfect for all kinds of hair (and beard), babies' too. Read more here about the application.