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Icona di spazzolino e dentifricio
    Coccoon coconut oil has a strong purifying power that makes it an exceptional tool for oral hygiene.

    According to the ancient method from ayurvedic medicine, known as oil pulling, you only need one spoon of pure oil to rinse your mouth for 5 minutes (up to 20 minutes) at least once a day and detoxify your body. After rinsing, we recommend to throw the oil in the trash, not in the sink, and to do a final rinse with water to get rid of any oil residues in the mouth.

    Teeth and gums are immediately healthier and cleaner.
    Coccoon solid soap is a natural solid solution for daily oral hygiene, to use for home and travel.

    Long lasting, cleaning and purifying, it is an alternative toothpaste that can be rubbed 1-2 times with a wet toothbrush before brushing teeth as usual and rinse thoroughly. It is recommended to be careful to not swallow the cleaning foam that forms during the treatment.

    The feeling after the first applications can be peculiar, but results to expect are a pleasant freshness and well-being for teeth and gums. Read more here an insight.