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For tattoo's care

by Sara Di Benedetto |

Floral. Old school. New School. Tribal. Japanese. Lettering. Biomechanical.

Anyone who ventures into the world of tattoos can release their fantasy with a story drawn directly on their own skin. And they can do it in color or black and white.

When completed, it is often a pleasure for the eyes. But you need to suffer a little bit, and beyond the pain you feel during the tattoo's session, the physical stress that tests our body is what its cells suddenly are subjected to, being pricked and ink-injected. Those cells need time to react to this new condition and accept it. They do it in the days after the trauma, purging the ink they can't keep and learning to live with what's left inside, and then they become a living picture. At this stage that can last for a few days, tattoo artists protect the new tattoos and recommend applying moisturizing creams to soften the skin, and wash with delicate detergents like intimate soaps. This removes excess ink while keeping the tattooed area clean and hydrated.

Obviously there is no shortage of very varied proposals for products - even rather expensive - specifically marketed for tattoo care and hygiene: ointments, creams, sprays, detergents...

The natural alternative, of certain quality, ideal for many other uses, is Coccoon becoming the sweet adventure companion for all tattoo lovers.

It actually takes care of newly tattooed skin by soothing from possible irritations and gently cleansing. Coconut oil, thanks to the abundance of lauric acid and vitamin E that give unique soothing and emollient properties as well as anti-inflammatory power, is perfect for the care of freshly-made tattoos that need to be hydrated. It's suggested to apply the oil even on damp skin for a moisturizing and softening effect that tends to speed up healing times giving unprecedented silky and soft skin. The solid soap is ideal for daily hygiene, to delicately wash and clean, reducing the risks of irritations, burns and rushes.

As for the intimate care - recommended even for babies - Coccoon is the natural, sustainable and complete solution to have healthy, bright, lightly fragranced and most beautiful tattoos.


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