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Coccoon is the minimalist and multifunctional eco-cosmetic line by Loliettoo®, the Spin-off company of the Life Sciences Institute of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, born in 2015 within the International PhD Program in Agrobiodiversity of the School.

Thanks to its valuable connections with Emerging Countries, Loliettoo has developed in Indonesia the first site for artisanal production of pure coconut oil, in collaboration with a trusted local agricultural community.

Operatrice della produzione Coccoon al lavoro in Indonesia

It is within this small supply and production chain managed by Loliettoo in collaboration with local women farmers - without intermediaries - that the extraordinary raw material at the foundation of all Coccoon formulations is produced, fully respecting the biological rhythms of nature and human and animal resources.

Kanti, alongside Nyoman and Made, personally oversees the processing of coconut oil: from handpicking coconut nuts to the cold pressing of fresh pulp and subsequent filtration of the crude oil through sedimentation, without pressure.

The production site is located in a remote area of Bali, where palm trees grow naturally in fertile land that Loliettoo has been committed to protecting and supporting for years, countering intensive farming, supporting the local economy, and promoting social equity.

Palme da cocco in Indonesia

The attention to the environment and the enhancement of human resources are vital principles on which the entire production system underlying the Coccoon line is based: starting from Bali, together with the local women farmers' community, up to Italy, in Loliettoo's cosmetic laboratory in Tuscany. Here, all the finished products of the brand are formulated, tested, and packaged, including the packaging of pure coconut oil, following European standards - Reg. (EC) No. 1223/2009 - and maintaining the quality made in Italy

Lavorazione di un prodotto della linea Coccoon nel laboratorio cosmetico de Loliettoo in Toscana


The mission of this virtuous project is the creation of solid unisex products that are safe, multipurpose, hypoallergenic, effective, vegan, biodegradable, and long-lasting. These products are essential for taking care of the entire body - from head to toe - at every age, and to be carried anywhere in the world, at home and while traveling.

Aimed at promoting a minimalist, more responsible, and conscious consumption, Coccoon spreads concentrated well-being and stories of pure cold-pressed oil, sustainable agriculture, women farmers, agrobiodiversity, imperfect beauty, and inclusion throughout the world.


Welcome to the world of Coccoon! I'm Sara, and in these lines, I'll tell you about myself and why and how the project I love so much was born.

Foto di Sara, fondatrice de Loliettoo e creatrice del marchio Coccoon

It all started after a five-year experience as a quality manager in an Italian company that trades vegetable oils in the cosmetic and food sectors.

That career path shaped my life and was enlightening: during those years, I became aware of the difficulties in sourcing pure and unadulterated vegetable oils and the serious risks of their blending with low-quality secondary oils. Unfortunately, in corporate goals, profit often prevails over ethics, and it is the environment and the final consumer who pays the most, unaware of the murky dealings that govern some production chains, even organic certified.

For me, it was inconceivable.

At the end of 2014, my passion for the plant world and nature, the search for transparency, and my strong inclination to change the world for the better led me to leave that full time job and think that a new sustainable supply chain was possible and necessary.

At that time, I was living in Tuscany. My life was intertwined with the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. I was looking for a solution along with the future cofounder of the project, who is also my life partner. We spent days and nights discussing it. Then, during a long walk by the seaside on a warm winter morning, we came up with the idea. Thanks to our connection with the International PhD Program in Agrobiodiversity of the School, we had the opportunity to collaborate directly with local farmers in Emerging Countries and therefore develop the world's first network of trusted small local farming communities for the production of pure oils, the extraordinary raw material at the heart of the cosmetic line we would create a few years later.

The impact that large-scale coconut oil production has on the environment, local communities, and the serious risks of contamination of this product within the dirty oil market, drove us to do our part in creating a sustainable alternative for processing this precious oil that would respect human, animal, and environmental resources and value biodiversity.

We wrote a long, detailed project. On April 14th, 2015, our work was approved by the Research Valorization Committee of the School, and Loliettoo® officially took shape as an academic Spin-off.

Field explorations began. Indonesia was our destination, being the most important center of origin for the coconut palm. After numerous backpacking trips and our dream in our heads, we arrived on the island of Bali.

The first time we visited the farming community with whom we would later collaborate, and met Kanti, in December 2015, we fell in love with every corner of that enchanting garden in the jungle, and we embraced the care and passion with which life is lived and work is done on this island, in harmony with the biological rhythms of nature.

Palme di cocco del sito produttivo Coccoon a Bali e il giardino-orto nella giungla delle donne coltivatrici locali con cui collabora Loliettoo

The same pure coconut oil that we would produce together in the years to come, and the fruits of the garden that Kanti and the other women farmers take care of, sustain the entire community living through a clean, zero waste circular economy, and we are fully part of it.

We intentionally do not disclose the exact location of this earthly paradise because we protect it. From the very first day of our virtuous collaboration with the local women farmers, we pledged to take direct care, without the interference of dangerous intermediaries, of the fair and straightforward production chain that we built from scratch.

Invasettamento semi automatico dell'olio di cocco Coccoon nei vasetti di vetro nel laboratorio cosmetico de Loliettoo in ToscanaInspired by our minimalist and inclusive lifestyle, designed to be hypoallergenic, multi-purpose, and ideal even for children, the following year, Coccoon was born: our eco cosmetic line made in Italy, localized in our cosmetic laboratory in Tuscany.

Meanwhile, within me, Lucia began to grow, and simultaneously, the packaging of Coccoon coconut oil in the first jars destined for online sales and stores was taking place.

To revolutionize the world of natural cosmetics, at home and while traveling, we were ready to set things in motion too. So, at the eighth month of pregnancy, excited to embrace a new adventure in the world, in January 2017, we moved to the United States, where we still live with our family. In 2019, we grew, welcoming the second Coccoon ambassador, Levi. Together with and after them, other products were added that enriched our line year after year.

Based on our directly produced pure coconut oil and aimed at making a positive impact on the planet and people's lives, Coccoon wouldn't be so special and revolutionary without all the precious ingredients that characterize it. Motherhood has further strengthened our ever-growing commitment to promoting environmental and social sustainability, aiming to create a greener future for generations to come.