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    Emollient, soothing, nourishing and long lasting,Coccoon coconut oil is ideal for the whole body and can substitute for conventional cream.

    To apply on the skin (recommended for neonatal massage too) any time in the day and after changing diapers, it takes care of babies' intimate parts and soothes irritations and rashes without altering their delicate and sensitive skin. You need only a tiny bit and babies are softer and naturally perfumed.

    Excellent also to fightdryness of face, lips and hands and to naturally treat and defeat the milk crust (read more here about how to use Coccoon to treat the milk crust).
    Natural, delicate and certified for sensitive skin, Coccoon solid soap is an excellent daily hands and face soap, body wash, shampoo and intimate cleanser (for every diaper change) for your babies. A very small amount is needed, it lasts long and skin and hair result soft, clean and fresh.

    With the constant application of both Coccoon solid soap and coconut oil, irritations and nappies rushes, are soothed and even avoided without altering babies’ sensitive skin.

    It is also a great helper to treat the milk crust (read more here about how to use Coccoon to treat the milk crust).
    Coccoon solid conditioner is the first solid hair conditioning treatment ever developed in Italy. Light, with a strong unraveling and softening power, it is perfect for all kinds of hair, babies' too. Read more here about the application.