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Icona delle parti intime
    Coccoon coconut oil is an intimate cream with soothing, emollient and softening properties. To apply when needed in order to calm irritations, rashes, itches.

    It is also an excellent intimate accessory to your sexual life as an erotic massage oil and lubricating cream.
    Certified for sensitive skin, Coccoon solid soap can be used for intimate care. It is delicate and leaves a pleasant sense of cleanliness with soothing effects beneficial in case of irritations.

    Certified for sensitive skin and effective, Coccoon solid deodorant can be used to neutralize bad smells of intimate parts, beside deodorizing the whole body (e. g., armpits and feet). It is delicate, fragrance free, with a natural aroma that leaves the skin fresh, soft and with a pleasant sense of cleanliness. A small quantity of product on clean skin is needed, to apply with a light massage. Ideal for adults and babies too.