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For beard and mustache’s care

by Sara Di Benedetto |

Long. Short. Thick. Shaved. Beard is always cool.

And Coccoon eco-cosmetics - minimalist, high quality, sustainable and multifunctional - are revolutionizing the world of beard and mustache enthusiasts. Our products are indeed essential to satisfy even men's wishes.

Coccoon solid soap, applied daily on face, washes and cleanses all kinds of beard and mustache that are immediately revitalized, voluminous, nourished and bright, giving the skin a great softening and purifying effect.

Also recommended for the most sensitive subjects, it is excellent as shaving soap, for a pleasant shaving experience at home and traveling.

It is incredibly long lasting. It is suggested to apply the wet solid bar only once directly on the areas of interest (wet) with circular massages. Once in contact with water and progressing with the usual hand massage, a soft, foamy and enveloping cream forms and takes care of beard and mustache, gently cleansing.

Also suggested as solid shampoo and gelbath (and beyond! Check all the uses here!), Coccoon solid soap can be used in shower for the body, hair and beard. A single multipurpose product, to rinse abundantly.

For a complete beard treatment, it is recommended to use the solid Coccoon conditioner and/or the botanical mask. The first one is ideal to soften and untangle beard and hair thanks to its strong conditioning and cleansing power. The botanical mask is the first restructuring treatment based on plant extracts ever developed in Italy, with a moisturizing, softening strengthening, restructuring, brightening and nourishing and a fresh herbal fragrance (find out how to use it here!). Highly performing, it is suggested to use both products only in small doses, following the same recommendations as solid soap.

Last but not least Coccoon coconut oil, applied daily in minimal quantities on beard and moustache with circular massages until complete absorption, is an excellent after-shave fluid that can relieve after shaving irritations and give skin relief throughout the whole day, replacing also any possible traditional cream or styling gel. It gives a revitalizing and polishing effect as well as a light and pleasant tropical fragrance.

Just three products and many applications for the world of beards, for every man looking for references that are high quality, delicate, handy, light, very long lasting and green.

[If you think that our Coccoon products must be part of your daily routine, you can purchase them here].