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The solid soap is a delicate shampoo

by Sara Di Benedetto |

Coccoon solid soap is a precious ritual to (daily or less) wash your hair.

Long lasting and handy, it's a comfortable biodegradable product to use at home, traveling (sailing or camping) or during the shower after a gym class. It is a delicate and effective shampoo, with excellent cleaning power and surprising efficacy.

An ecological alternative ideal for all hair types - even for babies-, with a purifying effect on the scalp and a light anti-dandruff action. After shampooing, hair look vital, clean, light and healthy, with a fresh and pleasant feeling of cleanliness and healthiness.

The secret to achieving amazing results is the correct use of this highly concentrated multifunctional solid bar. Actually a small quantity of product is enough and to learn and experiment how to dose it needs patience and parsimony.

Coccoon wants to promote a more sustainable, responsible and conscious consumption.

It is recommended to massage the solid bar directly on wet hair 1-2 times from roots to ends. At first, the product is almost invisible giving the feeling that nothing has been applied. While massaging hair and scalp with your hands, a soft and creamy foam with revitalizing, cleansing and softening properties forms. It must be rinsed abundantly before applying Coccoon solid conditioner, if needed or Coccoon botanical mask.

Our tutorial video describes how to use this magnificent soap to wash hair at every shower and the reel shows the combined application of soap and conditioner.

They will be useful for all the people who are looking for a natural, ecological, delicate and genuine routine for skin and hair.

[If you think that our Coccoon products must be part of your daily routine, you can purchase them here].