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Solid toothpaste, save us!

by Sara Di Benedetto |

By consuming less, better and more responsibly, we will make the difference and we will live a more sustainable and conscious life, feeling better because in harmony with nature. Our solid Coccoon cosmetics go this way. The multifunctionality and high durability of our top-notch products makes Coccoon the first sustainable eco cosmetic line that is revolutionizing the idea of natural beauty with a new minimalist and green approach aimed at reducing the number of products that live in our beauty cases and the waste consumption.


Did you ever imagine using solid toothpaste?


Our coconut soap never stops surprising and besides its thousands of other uses, it's also a natural, delicate solution - in solid form - for everyday oral hygiene, for home and travelling. Long-lasting, with cleansing and purifying properties, it's an unprecedented alternative toothpaste.

The application is very simple and you need to limit yourself in the dosage to avoid wasting product unnecessarily. In fact, by scrubbing only 1-2 times the wet toothbrush directly onto the soap bar (don't exceed - you don't want to see the bristles of the toothbrush white with soap!) and brushing teeth as usual, an amazing foam forms, not to be ingested, but to rinse with water.

The feeling after first uses can be unusual, but the results you get immediately afterward are incredible: pleasant freshness and general well-being wrap your mouth, teeth and gums. And it makes you want to smile more!


Coconut coconut oil also has a strong purifying power that makes it a great tool for oral cavity hygiene.


Do you know the oil pulling?


According to this ancient method of Ayurvedic medicine, just a spoon of pure oil is enough to rinse the mouth for 5 minutes (up to 20 minutes) and achieve a detox effect. At the end of the treatment, we suggest throwing the oil in the trash and not in the sink, and carrying out a final rinse with water to eliminate any oil residue from your mouth.


Teeth and gums are immediately healthier and cleaner.


Try to believe!

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